Important Information

Trade name

INGEN HOUSZ is a trade name of Ingen-Housz B.V.

Legal form

Ingen-Housz B.V. is a private company with limited liability, registered in Utrecht.


Hieronymusplantysoen 7
3512 KV Utrecht
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31(0)6 2009 2349

Trade Register

INGEN HOUSZ is registered in the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 59073012.

VAT number

VAT number: NL 8533.05.936.B01

Netherlands Bar Association

The INGEN HOUSZ lawyers are registered with the Netherlands Bar Association.

Professional indemnity insurance

INGEN HOUSZ has taken out professional indemnity insurance with CHUBB. Insurance policy information is available for our clients.


If you have a complaint about an invoice, a specification of work carried out, the quality of services provided, an INGEN HOUSZ employee or director and/or otherwise about a matter concerning INGEN HOUSZ, you may contact us at any time. Please send your complaint in writing by e-mail for the attention of Matthijs Ingen-Housz (


INGEN HOUSZ does not hold a third party account (derdenrekening)